An Efficiency Machine

Okay, I am an efficiency machine today. I mean, I also decided to actually take a break from writing and e-mail and politics, because it’s spring break, dangit, and I could use a little non-computer time, so that might explain the ability to get crafting done…

It’s been a really relaxed morning watching Atypical (Kavi recommended, enjoying, centered on an autistic teen trying to navigate his love life, and a somewhat complex family) while crafting various little things.

The efficiency bit was that I got an order for two scarves, sewed them up, ironed them (you might think you don’t need to iron chiffon, and you technically don’t have to, but it’s really a little more professional-looking if you do), packaged them (new springtime confetti packaging, fun), and now they just need postage and I can put them in the mail. This is not typical. 🙂

I’m going into a three-hour governance-related meeting shortly, so crafting will have to pause soon, but that’s okay. Civic duty must prevail on occasion.

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