Our Patreon Tiers for the Podcast

I adore the Patreon levels that Benjamin Rosenbaum came up with for our podcast. They make me smile. 🙂

$2 / month: Scorpions of Bellona — While you’re smashing things in the ruined, irrational city of your dreams, why not join our gang? This level comes with membership in the Speculative Literature Foundation, and Show Notes sent directly to you.

$5 / month: Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet — It is a rough life between jumps, with a couple of erratic tricksters calling the shots; you need to stay on your toes. You get early access to episodes, as well as membership in the SLF and the Show Notes.

$10 / month: Earthseed — “All that you touch you Change; all that you Change, Changes you.” Maybe we can shelter together in these dystopian times, and plan something new? Once a month, you’ll be invited to an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Ben or Mary Anne (or sometimes both!) Bring your writing / editing / speculative fiction questions. (Parenting questions? Communal organizing questions?) Plus early access, membership to the SLF, and show notes.

$25 / month: Ekumen — “In a certain sense the Ekumen is not a body politic, but a body mystic.. it proceeds by subtle ways, and slow ones, and queer, risky ones.” It is not an invasion, but a traveler coming alone, bringing gifts, willing to learn. In addition to the previous rewards, we’d love to send you a physical object — your choice of an exclusive celestial bookmark, unicorn garden tea towel, or a unicorn/dragon chess match scarf, all designed and handmade by Mary Anne. You’ll also get a physical copy of Ben’s The Unravelling, and Mary Anne’s Jump Space, when they’re released later this year. Thank you for your powerful support!


That’s Samuel Delany, Lois McMaster Bujold, Octavia Butler, and Ursula K. Le Guin — probably the authors we reference most often on the podcast, as they have inscribed their ideas into our BRAINS….

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