A Pretty Great Thangachi

It’s my sister Mir Mo Ga’s birthday! She’s a pretty great thangachi, and I am lucky to have her, and my kids are lucky to have her for their chinnamma…

…but also, the WORLD is lucky to have her, because Mirna’s been a rock star pulmonary and critical care doc and pandemic expert this past year.

Here she is in the NY Times (!) being quoted about how to do a safe pandemic getaway: https://www.nytimes.com/…/winter-trip-planning-tips.html

See? Total rock star. I’ve sent her a Ceylon board game for a birthday present, but more than presents, I hope she takes every opportunity to rest and recharge in the months to come. Not just birthday week, not just birthday month — I fully support birthday year for her, this time around!

Thank a healthcare worker today, if you get a chance. A Starbucks gift card might not go amiss. They’ve put themselves on the line for the rest of us, over and over, this past year, and they’re not done yet.

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