Coming off an Intense Work Stretch

I’m coming off an intense work stretch — and normally would be flying to ICFA right now for a fabulous academic conference plus Florida sunshine. (It’s quite rainy in Chicago right now.)

Alas, ICFA is virtual this year, but I still really enjoyed my first event this morning, the BIPOC caucus. Lots of great possibilities for building visibility for BIPOC scholars, facilitating access to the convention for grad students, etc. and so on. These are my peeps, and it’s lovely to spend a little time with them, even on Zoom. (But I do miss those late afternoon strawberry daiquiries poolside…next year, next year.)

My own ICFA panel is tomorrow (on teaching creative writing), and I’m looking forward to attending a few other panels this weekend. But the rest of the day is fairly low-key here, thankfully — I need the break.

I have a 1 p.m. meeting with David Seleb, the library director; I want to write a transition memo and then go over it with him — all the things I didn’t quite get to accomplish on the library board, because there is only so much time and money, but that I hope stay on the agenda going forward.

And then at 3:30, I have a SLF meeting with Darius and Carly, most of which will be making sure we have everything finalized for the podcast launch — shifted forward a week, because we *could* have dropped it 3/15, but it would’ve been a little messy, and we can present a much more polished version on 3/22, so that’s what we’re going to do. See you next Monday on that!

And that’s it, for scheduled things? Maybe? I might actually have time to play a board game with Jed this evening. That’d be really nice — I’ve been working so intensely the last three days, even though he’s here, I’ve barely seen him. Not much point in dragging him here from California if I don’t actually get to spend time with him…

(Photo of super-tired, cranky me of yesterday, as personified by angry bunny planter. I’m doing better today, more of the calm blue face planter. 🙂. Angry bunny from Etsy, calm face by a local potter.)

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