Garden Log 3/10/21

I’m doing seed starting in a more serious way this year than I have before, and one thing I’ve confirmed is that I absolutely have to either be in town or have Kevin commit to checking water levels on them daily, because overnight they can go from plenty of water to about to crisp up and fly away if I’m not careful.

I’ve been doing this week-long writing retreat at a local Airbnb, and that works okay since I can go back to the house daily to water plants, but in non-pandemic times I’d be in California for a conference right now, and in Florida for a conference in two weeks, and both of those would be death to seedlings if I didn’t plan carefully in advance.

My gardening mania and my wanderlust sometimes do not coexist so peacefully. 🙂

(But aren’t these Murasaki purple peppers the cutest? Look, the seedlings are purple! I don’t know why I didn’t expect that, but I didn’t, and they are ADORABLE.)

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