Trying Out Shef

I tried out a new thing in our area, Shef, which is basically a way to order food from certified home cooks. How excited was I to see a Sri Lankan cook in the mix? Very excited. So nice to have Sri Lankan food cooked by someone that isn’t me or Roshani. (I mean, I’d be happy to have Roshani cook for me all the time, but she’s a doctor, has a family of her own to feed, etc.)

I do kind of wish I knew who this person was — she goes by Khush D. on the site. I’d love to drop her a note, but they don’t have a way to do that, except when you review the food. We’ll see. I *might* sign up myself at some point, though if so, I’d be cooking for it very rarely. Maybe once a month at most? Might be fun, as a pop-up sort of thing, help promote my cookbooks too.

If anyone wants to try Shef, I do have a referral code, so please feel free to use it. 🙂 I get a $10 credit the first time you use Shef. More Sri Lankan food for me… Code: marym5

(Sadly, no Ethiopian in our area yet, so I still have to drive into the city for my Ethiopian food, except when the owner of our local Addis Cafe decides to do a pop-up, which I somehow keep missing…)

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