Two Indulgences

Last week, I stopped by Gaetano’s in Forest Park — an Italian restaurant that pivoted to becoming a little Italian market when the pandemic hit. They did an amazing job, and when you walk in, it honestly feels closer to traveling abroad than I’ve felt since March. I should have taken photos of the interior — so charming.

But instead, here are two indulgences — fresh gnocchi with a ridiculously yum truffle butter sauce (a little goes a long way), and duck rillette. I didn’t even know what duck rillette was, but it sounded intriguing, and when I brought it home, I looked it up.

Duck rillette is mostly duck, with some mustard and vinegar, plus a little duck fat, which I suppose you could scrape off if you wanted, but if you leave it on and mix it in, then when you spread it on toast or crackers, it melts in like butter, but even tastier, and makes for a very yummy little breakfast or lunch. Probably 6-8 servings out of one little container, so it’s a pretty great option. Delish!

They also have salamis and fresh baked bread and pizza slices and pastries and lots of jarred and canned sauces and frozen gelato and wine — if you don’t have Valentine’s plans yet, stocking up at Gaetano’s for an evening in, is a great way to go!



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