Baking Scones and Making Soaps

Spent a little time yesterday evening rewatching Picard (was curious how it would be now that I knew all the things that were mysteries the first time around — answer: still enjoyable, still annoyed at the weakness of the central plot thread), baking scones, making soaps. These lily-of-the-valley soaps (scented with lily-of-the-valley scent, of course), are just lovely, aren’t they?

I thought about painting in the green stems, but it would be very fiddly work and my hand just isn’t steady enough, I think, to get a result I’d be happy with. And given the curve of the mold, it wouldn’t be possible to pour a white layer for the flowers and then do a green layer behind them.

I think they’re just fine as they are, honestly. They’d look lovely in any powder room, and would make a charming gift for your mom — lily-of-the-valley blooms around Mother’s Day, and is the traditional flower gift for that day. The actual flower is invasive in my zone, so I hesitate to tell people to plant it in the ground (though I also haven’t dug out the colonies that were already here when we arrived). But soap is absolutely safe! 🙂

People ask me if my soaps are generally for sale separate from the treat box subscriptions, and the answer is sort of kind of? I have them on occasion for random flash sales, and long-term, we’ll probably start offering some regularly on the Shopify site, but we’re not quite there yet. But if you want one in particular, don’t hesitate to ask; I may be able to oblige, especially if I’m not in the midst of frantic treat box or holiday production.

For Mother’s Day, I think we’ll probably offer lily-of-the valley soap, scented bath salts, and for locals, maybe little potted plants too, because you (or your mom) can always enjoy them indoors and not risk invasive in your garden.

For right now, though, these are for the Patreon spring treat packages (“Unicorn Garden”). I’m still tweaking what soaps will end up in each tier, but I’m currently thinking something like this:

Earth: snowdrop soap (unscented pure glycerin)

Sol System: add choice of 2 soaps:
– lily-of-the-valley (lily of the valley shea butter)
– alicorne (vanilla & citrus shea butter)
– lilac (lilac & lilies shea butter)

– hellebore (unscented shea butter)

Milky Way: 2 soaps from Sol list, plus choice of:
– painted unicorn (lily of the valley scent shea butter)
– painted daffodil (unscented shea butter)

– painted hellebore (scent to-be-determined)

Interstellar: same as Milky Way + peony soap

Complicated. 🙂 Patreon link here.

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