In Search of Adaptive Tech

I have a thyroid condition that is mostly not a big issue in my life, but it does mean that my body is really bad at temperature regulation, and in winter in particular, I often get really cold, and just want to huddle under blankets, which rather gets in the way of being able to do much. So looking for adaptive tech to make my body more functional, please.

I need your clothing recommendations for warm winter long sleeve shirts that I can wear under a sweater. The key for me is layering — I ideally would have multiple thin layers, so I could adjust temperature appropriately when my body is not doing a great job at it.

I have three silk underwear tops from LL Bean that I got several years ago, and those are good, but I’m wondering if there are other good options out there that I don’t know about?

Editing to note: just top layers — my legs are not generally an issue, somehow.

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