A Little Midnight Sewing

I promised infinity dragon scarves in the Interstellar Patreon boxes, which was a little bold, because I’d never actually sewn an infinity scarf, but it turns out that they’re easy, they’re just tubes (at least in the Spoonflower tutorial for their modern jersey fabric), which confuses me a little, because I thought the term meant that it’d be like a möbius strip, which a twist in it, but apparently not?

But anyway, Kavi kindly modeled it for me, and she says it’s very comfy and she’d totally wear it. It can be worn in two loops, as shown, or three loops if you want something warm around your neck (that you could easily pull up to cover your nose and mouth if you forget your mask, though it wouldn’t be as fitted or as filtration effective as a proper mask).

This is from my chess battle collection, and if you’re one of the people obsessed with Queen’s Gambit, look, you can have chess pieces on your scarf this winter. 🙂

I sewed one paired with a plain blue, and did another with the crown fabric — I’ll be shipping those out in the Patreon boxes. That leaves me with one more dragon/unicorn length, which I could pair with either the checkerboard (I have two lengths), or the plaid-ish. I’m thinking maybe dragon / unicorn with plaid-ish, and then just a straight up checkerboard scarf? We’ll see…

Fabrics all available at Spoonflower, if you want to sew from them yourself! https://www.spoonflower.com/…/453511-fantasy-chess-by…

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