Hydrate Me

I have gotten a humidifier for the bedroom. This one is smart enough that it tells me the humidity in the room — it claims 40-60% humidity is comfortable for humans, and it was under 30% when it started working, so no wonder my skin has been so dry.

Why I waited this long to do it, I have no idea. We’ve had humidifiers in the past, but somehow got out of the habit of using them after the last one broke? And in theory, we have a humidifier as part of our HVAC system, but that also broke at some point, and there was some trouble getting a replacement part, and then we just failed to cope, so….

Of course, now I’ve googled, and other sites are telling me I should be aiming for 35% – 45% humidity, so maybe I shouldn’t be trusting the makers of humidifiers to tell me how much humidity humans want? I will research further.

Mayo Clinic says 30 – 50%; I generally trust them…

(I am having flashbacks to Dr. Who and that far future episode: “Hydrate me!!!”

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