Tough for Extroverts

It’s a little funny how excited I was to actually brush my hair and put on holiday earrings and a cute sweater when I realized I really did need to go out to the post office and grocery store today.

We’re mostly hardcore sheltering-in-place in our little household of four at the moment — seems like the least we can do to help flatten the curve, as healthcare workers struggle to keep up with rising need. Aside from exercise walks with a masked and socially distanced friend, I’ve barely left the house for over a month.

I’m just sorry I haven’t sewn myself a nice holiday mask in pink and silver to coordinate with my hair — poor planning on my part, alas. But as I was getting into line at the grocery store, a young woman said to me in passing, “That’s pretty!” And I don’t know if she meant the mask or the earrings or the hair or what, but it was so nice having a pleasant interaction with a total stranger…

This winter is going to be tough for extroverts.

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