So I want to apologize to whomever asked me before about sizing down the tardigrade print so it looked like dots — I was misunderstanding how Spoonflower worked. As the designer, *I* can see the patterns in a variety of sizes on site, but the customer only sees the layout I save. So if I want to offer a larger version and a smaller version, I need to save it as both, with different names (and pay for a proof before anyone can order it).

Proofing isn’t such a big deal — they offer a 48-square ‘cheater quilt’ that you can use for proofing, so if you’re doing a lot of patterns in different sizes, color ways, etc., that’s a good option for that without incurring much cost. But it does mean another step or two for me, and another week or two for proofing time.

Yesterday, I tried the tardigrades in a smaller scale that I think would work well for fabric — they don’t have a mock-up that shows it on a dress, but I think you can get the gist of it from these others. I mean, it’s still sort of bug-like, rather than just dots? I’m not sure I’d actually want to wear a dress covered in bugs, myself.

But they’re microscopic practically indestructible bugs, so there’s that. 🙂 Survivors.

These will be available for sale in a few days. If you want other colorways or sizes, ask (either here, or through Spoonflower’s e-mail system). I might not get to it quickly, but I’m generally happy to do them. If you want red bugs on a white background for Christmas Tardigrades, for example. 🙂

There’s also white & blue and white, blue, and pink on the site currently, as well as the larger scale versions with the mycelial network behind, currently in shades of blue / purple / pink:…/455071-tumbling…

The fat quarter sale has ended; they’re back to free standard shipping worldwide now.

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