Day 1 of Yoga with Adrienne

Did Day 1 of 30 of Yoga with Adrienne: Home. It’s been a while since I did yoga, and even though this is aimed broadly, including for people who haven’t done yoga before, I found it a bit of a challenge — holding downward dog for the full time (not a very long time; I’ve done much longer in the past) made me a little queasy.

I was pushing myself to do the poses as well as I could, so I really was using muscles a lot, even if it was all very slow and gentle in approach, so it’s not surprising, really, that out of shape me should find it a challenge. Good to know where I am right now, I guess — I may not push quite as hard the next few days, let my body find its natural comfort point. Just enough pushing to make progress, not so much as to make me feel ill.


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