The Pandemic Is Terrible

Just for the record, I’m having a hard time today. Did okay on recording the podcast this morning when we were talking about the pandemic and differences in cultural and government responses between the U.S. and Switzerland (where my co-host Benjamin Rosenbaum is based). So 45 minutes of being fine.

But then we started talking about what rising COVID rates will mean for the holidays to come, and I got very teary, and even though we’ve finished the podcast, and I’ve switched to writing, and I even managed to draft a few hundred words in my first writing sprint of the day, I’m still teary. Stupid pandemic.

It’s going to be hard not just being sad for Thanksgiving this year. It’s all about feeding people and coming together in community for me, and usually, I love it so much. Maybe I just have to accept that this year, it’s going to be a miserable day.

The pandemic is terrible. It’s reasonable to be super-sad.

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