Fantasy Chess Collection

I think that’s as many as I can do for the fantasy chess collection tonight. I want to do at least one more, of a shrubbery maze, with a chessboard at the center, but that one will take some time and focus to do well. Also a toss pattern with crowns and dots. Still, good progress while watching silly movies tonight. 🙂

I’d like to try making a quilt out of these at some point — I’ve never made a quilt before. Quilters, any sense of how many different patterns one would want included in a quilt collection? I’ve done a little research and seen ‘six’ listed, but maybe more is good, so people have more options?

(I included the solids at the end just because apparently, some buyers like to get colors they know will match in the same fabric, even though it’s pricey to buy them on Spoonflower.)

They’ll all be available here once I’ve printed proofs:…/453511-fantasy-chess-by…

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