Flowers Everywhere

Spent a little time this morning underplanting my tropicals. When I bring them in for the winter, my living room suddenly gets very green, which is nice on its own, but after a while, I start craving some actual blooms. So far, I’ve tucked in cyclamen, African violets, Christmas cactus, and kalanchoe, all of which as easily available right now in local garden stores and the big box hardware stores.

I do have to disturb the roots a bit on some of the tropicals to tuck these in, but they’re pretty sturdy plants, and I think they can take it. The new plants are bringing in some fresh soil with more nutrients in too, which should help. I’ll keep a close eye with the watering for a few weeks, try to make sure they take well.

If you don’t have a conservatory, as most of us don’t, this is a nice way to bring a little conservatory feel into your space. Flowers everywhere. 🙂 I like the pink stripey brightness on that first cyclamen, and the ruffled petals on the second, and how the variegated leaves set them off so beautifully.

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