Happy Halloween!

I do hope those of you with cuties in costume will post photos today — it’s always such a pleasure seeing those come across my Facebook feed.

Kavi picked out and ordered her own Snow White costume this year, which I admit, was a little bit of a shock on Thursday when it arrived — my baby doesn’t need me anymore! But she was so proud that she’d put one together herself, so I had to have a moment of pretending I was just impressed with her and not a little sad too. 13 is big.

Anand insists he has no interest in doing a costume this year, but he did wear his koala bear hooded bath robe over his clothes for school yesterday, so he said he was sort of in costume anyway. He does that not on Halloween sometimes, though. Pandemic school is weird.

Will post a proper photo later — what you see here is what we did last night, eating leftovers to clean out the fridge (don’t want anything horrifying in there), while watching a scary Halloween movie and packing up candy to put out on a sidewalk table for socially-distanced trick-or-treating.

We showed the kids Gremlins because our TV offered it to us in a set of Halloween movie options, which they liked reasonably well (though when the candy came out, they got super-distracted from the movie for a bit) — I had forgotten it was quite so gory, though! Not only do humans get murdered, but the gremlins get killed in a variety of dramatic and gory ways, including getting blown up in a microwave. Not the sort of thing we usually watch!

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