A Girl Can Dream

What I really want to be doing right now is designing a wallpaper for our guest room. I’m thinking something green and forest/jungle-ish. I can print it at Spoonflower. But wallpaper is a big commitment, so it’ll require quite a bit of time to design. And that is definitely not what I should be doing right now — right now, all I am allowed to do is grade and teach, write recipes, and work on my Wild Cards stories, which are due in a few weeks.

But a girl can dream a little…what I’d really like to do is a vining pattern with little animals, birds, flowers, etc. And if some of the animals are mythological, that’d be okay with me…

(Please ignore the big stack of papers — that’s part of an office excavation. Those are sorted now; 2-3 more stacks to go.)

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