Handyperson Day

Today was handyperson day — about once a quarter, usually, the handyperson comes by and goes around like a bountiful house fairy, fixing one thing and another that’s a little beyond us. Due to Covid, we put it off somewhat longer, so it’s been six months since Mike last appeared and bestowed upon us his largesse. But he came today. Handyperson day makes me SO HAPPY.

Pictured here, the two little white hooks he put in the ceiling, well-anchored (that was the part I was nervous about messing up), to hold the grow light lamp that is keeping my fiddle leaf fig happy despite being in a not-full-sun spot.

(I still want to get up on a ladder and remove the stickers from the inside of the lampshade, but I’ll do that tomorrow. Then it will be perfect.)

Also pictured, Anand in the midst of e-learning. This is his current favorite spot for Zooming.

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