Space Fabric

Continue to enjoy the space fabric. 🙂 This set is part of a large order of a dozen or so masks that I think are going to one family; it’s funny how back in March, I was still thinking we needed maybe 1 mask each for me and Kev and the kids.

Now it’s become clear that children lose masks, and we definitely want four masks stashed in the car, in case we forget to bring them with us — wouldn’t want to get stuck maskless after driving an hour to the beach! — and sometimes we want ear elastic masks that we can put on quickly to take a walk around the block, and sometimes we want head and neck elastics, because we’re going to be wearing them for a long time, and of course, there’s washing time too…

I think we have a dozen or so masks in the basket by the front door, and I still think we could use a few more. In particular some of ours don’t have nose pieces, because they were given to us by others, and those just don’t stay on us well. It’s basically asking Anand’s mask to slide down off his nose, giving him a mask without a nose piece.

It’s a shame not everyone has the basic sewing skills to be able to make themselves masks. I think masking is going to be with us for at least six more months, and maybe longer. If we can change the social norms sufficiently, maybe more of us will default to mask-wearing when flu season arrives, at least for situations like public transit? We’ll see.

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