Super-Muggy Today

Wow — super-muggy today, and I managed to get three mosquito bites (maybe more) in the process of walking out to my writing shed. I recorded a video for my students, but I think discretion may be the better part of valor — even the fan I have out here isn’t enough to keep the mosquitoes off today, I think. May retreat to the basement for work instead.

Plan for today:

– record video for class (done)
– upload video (done)
– plant a rose and a few other plants (done, collecting literally 25 more mosquito bites in the process)
– water as needed (done)
– coffee with Nara!
– do another pass on e-mail, making sure I have no lingering student queries
– check in on the two Slack boards for my classes, making sure there are no questions there, responding to students’ intros
– send writing students a link to the LeGuin documentary now free this week, woot!
– send them a link to my Tor article about LeGuin and revision
– send them a link to my FB writing accountability group, in case they want to join that
– send a reminder if needed to any that didn’t fill out the Doodle or the Slack by this point)
– look at the Doodles and see if I have enough info to schedule some town hall-style Zoom office hours again
– do another pass on e-mails generally, trying to calendar everything that needs calendaring (a LOT came in, the last few weeks)
– by noon, switch to writing for a bit! In theory, I’m supposed to start my days with writing, but I think this week is a little too stressed with fretting about my students, so getting them in good shape to work this semester takes priority. But I would like to do at least a little writing today
– 1 p.m., maybe take kids to an art museum?

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