For Those Who Wait

Good things come to those who wait? Sometimes they aren’t so timely, though. I ordered this lilac blossom mold several months ago, planning to make the soaps in lilac season (with a ‘lilacs and lilies’ scent), but it didn’t arrive ’til this week. Oh well!

The lilies are blooming now, so it’s not entirely off season, I guess. And didn’t it come out nicely? I did a nice purple for the blossoms, and then green like leaves for the base. Pretty pretty. I have to admit, I love having this collection of floral soap molds. It’s like a bouquet of potential flowers. 

We’re going to do a flash sale today for Feast — buy a book, in any edition, and get a treat added on — soaps or curry powder, etc. I’ll post with the details in a little bit, probably around 9:30 CST — need to take Anand on our morning walk before it gets too hot.

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