Ready For Zoom B-Day Party Photos?

Ready for more Zoom birthday party photos? Let’s go. 

The 11 a.m. opening was a little awkward and stiff; the girls hadn’t been on Zoom before, and there was a little bit of getting used to the tech. Also difficult for them to relax, I think, because their ‘tour guide,’ had to stick around for a little while, getting everyone online, etc.

Image may contain: 4 people, screen and laptop

But I told them to open the first little blue bag, read through the day’s ‘itinerary’ and have some breakfast croissants. I wandered off to another room — still in earshot if they called for me, but giving them a little sense of privacy. I said I’d be back at 11:30 for their photoshoot.

Within ten minutes or so, they were settled in, and one of them was showing the others how to do virtual backgrounds, and they were happily chatting. Phase 1, done.


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