Online Instruction in the Fall

I want to note, for students and parents everywhere, that what you’re seeing of hastily-converted-to-online teaching now is NOTHING like what online instruction would look like in the fall semester.

If teachers have a summer to plan (would be nice to be compensated for that extra work, but anyway), and can thoughtfully structure our classes from the beginning for online instruction; if we have students who are expecting that, have access to appropriate tech, and understand the time commitments involved, then online instruction can be fully as rich and educational and satisfying and even fun as in-person, I truly believe. For some students, it will be even better than in-person, I promise you.

Some instructors will be better at it than others, but if you’ve ever slept through a droning lecture, you’ll know that’s true of in-person teaching as well!

(Editing to add important caveat: I can’t really speak to classes that require physical equipment. I teach English lit. and creative writing.)

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