Tonight’s Masks

Tonight’s masks are donations going to two local pediatricians, who have been making do with painting masks from their basements, which are getting a bit worn. Thanks to Mary Jule Daly, whose mask orders covered the cost of these donations! (I probably won’t post the details of the donated masks for every order, but felt like marking the first one explicitly. Thanks!)

The fabric from Oak Park’s Modern Quilt Studio, in patterns of monarda and pussy willow, makes gorgeous masks, as expected, or at least as gorgeous as my mediocre sewing skills allow. I’m getting better, though, and hope to do justice to the fabric someday. Might I someday graduate to truly even stitches? One can hope.

Sewing accompaniment today was the movie, _A Little Chaos_, a period drama about an invented woman garden designer at Versailles, played ably by Kate Winslet. I’m not sure I can recommend the movie, exactly — it doesn’t seem very historically accurate, for one. Stylish and well-acted, but the pacing and plot are somewhat lacking; it was decent company for the night, and of course, gardens, but I wouldn’t recommend you run out to watch it!

(For those wanting to buy masks (Deaconness Hospital-style, two pieces of cotton with filter fabric sewn between, $10 for a mask + donated mask), my plan is to photograph my fabric and put it up, so people can pick, and maybe we’ll even get an order page up to simplify the process; we’ll see. Tomorrow is a teaching day, so not sure how quickly I’ll get to it, but hopefully by dinnertime.)

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