Misplaced Phone

Kavi’s misplaced her phone, so has been making more art instead of Facetiming constantly with her friends. If I were a smart mom, I would have hid her phone a month ago. Ha ha — just kidding.  But still, it’s fun to come down in the morning and discover art.

I got the kids a polymer clay kit — I haven’t used polymer clay before, but my understanding is that I can bake the results of anything they want to keep. Fun.

Anand’s been drawing Pokemon figures he invents, so I’m hoping I can talk him into trying to create molded figures too. I think he’d like it — he loves playing with the kinetic sand, and this has a similar tactile quality. He’s a little resistant right now, though, because he doesn’t think it’ll turn out well. Need to help get him past that anxiety….


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