3D Printed Bias Tape Maker Arrived

The 3D printed bias tape maker I ordered finally arrived (everything is slowed down right now), and yes it makes it easier to make bias tape. Not massively easier — you have to be pretty careful scootching it along so as not to burn your fingers with the steam from the iron — maybe I should turn off the steam for this, though it never seems to press well without steam. Still, a little improvement; I’ll take it.

And now this owl mask has a fetching tape tie… I was waffling between the green and brown bias tape for this owl fabric; I think they’re both good, but green has a slight edge.

I do hope that people understand if they order masks from me that I am not any kind of expert seamstress — there are people out there with much more even stitching. Maybe I should make a note of that on the order page…

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