Spacecats Suggest

On a snowy day like today, my #spacecats suggest sleeping in if you can. Aryabhata and Sripati are big fans of sleeping. I’ve already told the kids that I’m taking it easy today, and they can too — if they do some schoolwork, great, but if not, I don’t really care. Okay, I didn’t phrase it that way to them, but it’s true. As long as they keep themselves fed and don’t wreck the house, I ask nothing more of them today.

I’m going to be hiding in my shed today, trying to get through a pile of backlogged e-mails — the last few days, I’ve had a really hard time making myself even answer FB messages (sorry, Stephanie — it’s me, not you!), but I’m not actually sick, so can’t really justify avoiding them any more.

The shed will hopefully help keep me from starting to sew or cook or clean — all excellent ways of avoiding computer work…

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