Help with Mask Video

Hey, I could use help with a mask video task, from someone who has some free time today or tomorrow. I made a video about how to sew a Deaconness Hospital-style face mask, and the long version is pretty rambly, with me talking about why we’re sewing masks, teaching people how to thread a sewing machine, etc. and so on. It’s about 40 minutes.

What I’d like to do is a much tighter version — actually two, ideally aiming for around 5 minutes each. I’d like to excerpt out of this:

a) How to set up and use your new sewing machine
b) How to cut / sew the Deaconness mask (including how to choose filter fabric)

Md Mizanur Rahman┬áis willing to do the actual editing for me, but what we could use is someone who can go through and give him at least a rough guideline of what parts to cut and keep for each over these versions. Which is just slow — it means watching the video and writing down what’s happening at each point, and figuring out what to keep and what not.

I did a very rough guide to it, which would help, but it’d be great to have someone do a clean version with clear instructions to Mizan on what to include in each video. And I’m just so short of time right now…

Anyone up for watching a YouTube video and doing this? Video in comments.

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