It Looks Magical!

Kavi came down and said, “I don’t know what that is, but it looks MAGICAL!” That’s the goal, kiddo. Rose & passionfruit bath salts, as I pack up the treat boxes. This morning I finished sewing the masks for them, made up the bath salts, sealed and addressed the boxes, and discovered that I’d completely miscounted and was short one box. Sigh. I think my executive functioning skills are slightly impaired at the moment.

I’ve written to the person who ordered and offered to either send her a mask for free and let her cancel her order for a refund, or have me ship it out later this week — it’ll take me a little while to make more sweets. Sorry! And I feel like I should tell everyone that I did check and re-check the boxes, but it’s possible I still got something wrong; please let me know if so, and I’ll try to make it right!

In other news, I was kept company this morning by Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (on Hulu), which I’m enjoying. It’s sort of a cross between Speechless and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Glee? Kind of? Recommended, esp. if you’re in the mood for something that’s reasonably light and full of fun songs, but with a sweet emotional thread running through it.

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