Serendib Garden April 7 2020

Doing these, I’m mostly learning that I’m a truly TERRIBLE videographer. Jeez. I made the mistake of carrying my morning coffee around with me this time, which meant that I was even less effective than usual at actually showing you plants. I won’t do that again, sorry! I should have gotten the phone closer to the plants MUCH more often.

I also need to figure out when I’m going to be babbling for a while about something, when it might be more interesting to watch me talk, rather than stare at a blurry plant for five minutes straight. Sigh. I’ll get better, right? Bear with me. Maybe if I do bad videos for a year, I can actually do good videos starting next spring…

(There may be some useful information in here anyway, about taking care of an early spring perennial garden. About 30 minutes. And hey, I figured out how to make a title card this time, so that’s something.)

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