Flattening the curve

This is perhaps a dense question, but since I’m going to a conference in Florida in eight days, I’m going to go ahead and ask — would it be much less likely that people will catch coronavirus outside than in a closed conference room at a hotel, right? Less recirculated air, easier to space people out?

I’m wondering if for things like smaller readings, it might make sense to do what we do when the weather is nice on campus, and take some events outside?


I would have never predicted that I’d be awake at 1:30 a.m., researching what goes into building ventilators.


A doctor friend just told me that “Having one person shop for several families and then porch drop the goods is much safer than having everyone do their own shopping.” Which of course makes sense, but I hadn’t thought about it.

We already do most of our grocery shopping through delivery services, but it’s good to know that it doesn’t just save us time; it helps flatten the curve.

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