Morning rituals

Morning ritual # 1 — it’s 7 a.m., and the kitty alarm clocks have arrived. Breakfast, mama? Breakfast breakfast breakfast?

This is despite the fact that Anand has been the one feeding them breakfast for the past two months. Somehow mama still has to get up.


Morning ritual #2: By 7:30, Anand is safely out the door to the bus, and I settle on the couch with my coffee, laptop, and blanket. Two minutes later, Ellie is on the couch, and is pawing at the blanket, pulling it away to make herself a nice little blanket nest, where the old lady will nap for most of the day. I help her resettle the blanket (retaining a small portion for myself), and she settles in for morning scritches, punctuated by mama’s Facebook posts. I do need both hands to touch-type…


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