A pair of ridiculous dreams

I had these ridiculous dreams last night, a pair of them. In the first of them, I was convinced that I had enough time to send messages out and have people over for potluck and board games today at noon, even if I didn’t send the messages out until 10 a.m. There’d be a nice crowd of people, and we’d have a great time.

The second dream was me, knowing that I’m still recovering from this cold (last night was rough with some post-nasal drip coughing that kept me up for quite a¬†while, until finally the combination of Robitussin, tea with honey, and drowsing mostly upright in bed for a while kicked in), feeling totally panicky about all the people coming over for board games and potluck, who I wouldn’t have the energy to socialize with.

I had just enough consciousness to sort of know that I hadn’t actually sent out the invite from the earlier dream, but not enough to be convinced I hadn’t. So it was this dream argument, which kept threatening to pull me awake enough to go and check and make sure I didn’t actually have a few dozen people descending in a couple hours…

The inside of my brain, gah.

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