A few people have asked about the earlier photo of the paperwhites, whether they continued to work in those individual vases (hyacinth glasses, picked up over the years from Trader Joe’s in the spring). Mostly yes, with a little help.

As you can see, I couldn’t find one of my copper stakes (I think it’s buried in the basement), so that second one is leaning perilously. They’re all leaning a bit, but that’s mostly because I was a little slow in staking them, and they’d starting to curve — if I’d gotten them early, I think they’d have stayed very straight. They definitely need staking as they get taller.

The others have been staked (pushing through the bulb, but not all the way, so as not to pierce the bottom and encourage rot). Once staked, they do fine, though they’re a bit top-heavy when they get really tall, so I also added a little bit of museum wax to the bulb / glass around the rim, to help hold them steady.

I get the copper stakes online, and they’ve held up very well for many years now. I use them for amaryllis too:…/…/ref=sr_1_5…


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