Gardening desperately in need of doing

Too sick to do all the gardening that rather desperately needs to be done, so my living room is full of tropical plants that need to be pruned and put on stands and watered and it’s all more than I can manage right now. Hopefully will be feeling better tomorrow and can get to it then.

But I did manage to step outside and clip some fairy roses for the kitchen. I’ll take it.

Autumn crocus. Planted a few here, a few years ago, spreading slowly. Thank you for not eating these, squirrels!

I have enough monkshood this year that I could try some as a cut flower without denuding the garden — but I admit, I was feeling paranoid enough that I wore gloves for the entire operation, and washed down all the surfaces and the tools I used for cutting afterwards. It’s also carefully placed where the children and pets can’t get to it. Every bit of monkshood is poisonous, so take care if you plant it! (Pretty perfect for Halloween, though.)

Last of dahlias (the frost last week marked the end for my dahlias this year) and monkshood. Next step — digging up the dahlias and storing for next year.

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