Breakfast at Galle Face


I’ve been a little worried about feeding Kavi on this trip (and about whether Anand would be able to eat easily if he comes in a few years), but Galle Face has totally stepped up its game since 2005. Brunch offered a vast array of bagels and cream cheese shmears, a fascinating yogurt bar, classic American cereals, pastries and chocolate croissants and muffins, new potatoes and sausage and bacon and eggs and omelettes to order, plenty of fresh fruit and juices and whole milkĀ — all of which would cover them just fine. And then there was the traditional Scottish kedgeree, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, and an array of Sri Lankan deliciousness — milk rice and coconut chutney, idli and sambar, chicken curry, fish curry, dhal, gotukola porridge with jaggery, hoppers with seeni sambol and pol sambol, and several other things I’m forgetting now. Oof!


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