I’m at a weird point in my life where it seems like every few weeks I get an invitation to be on a board. That sounds very honoring, but in actuality, it’s mostly come do some free work for us; that’s how working boards for non-profits operate.
Which is just fine, I’m in favor, and the thing is, they are all organizations I am excited about and believe in, and I am, in fact, honored that they would trust me to help steer the organization. But I cannot serve them all.
I think I need to make some guidelines for myself about how many hours of work I can give to boards annually. Considering also how many hours of work I donate to directing the SLF and DesiLit (about 5-20 hours / month, depending on what we’re doing), and how many hours I donate to being an elected trustee for the OP libraries (about 10 hours / month).
My term at the Museum of Science and Industry (about 2 hours / month, averaged out) is ending, so that opens up a slot, potentially. Hmm…

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