Moth repairs

Scenes from day 3 of a cold, when I was too sick to take on anything ambitious, but starting to get restless from not accomplishing very much for days. (This was Friday. Today, two days later, I have been mostly in a TERRIBLE mood about how little I’ve gotten done over the weekend, and have apparently decided to address it by just walking on the treadmill until I exhaust myself. Possibly not the wisest course of action ever, but when I stop, I get really crabby. I am an awful convalescent.)
This was satisfying, though. About five minutes with an embroidery needle and some yarn I already had on hand, which wasn’t exactly the right color, but close enough for jazz. My repairs are not perfect either, as I basically just pulled the edges together with the new yarn and then went back and forth a few times reinforcing it; I didn’t make any serious effort to match the stitch pattern or anything.
But I honestly don’t think anyone other than me (or possibly an avid knitter friend) is likely to notice, and now I can wear one of my favorite sweaters without having to fight the temptation to poke my fingers through the holes…

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