Sigiriya Gardens



I admit to being a little obsessed with the water of the Sigiriya gardens. One of my first ideas for the video game was to simply do an irrigation game — sort of a cross between the physics and puzzle-solving of Where’s My Water? and the aesthetic pleasures of something like Gardenscapes.

In the end, we went in a different direction for the main game, because I really wanted us to do more with the cultural elements of Sigiriya specifically, but I still think that would be fun to develop.

Gardening games = love. There’s a little card game called Lotus, which is simple but pleasing — you build flowers out of petals. So nice.

I just picked up a board game called Photosynthesis (I know I said I wasn’t buying more board games until I played all the ones I owned, but in my defense, it was on sale! it’s research!), which is all about growing forests competitively, fighting for the available sun. Fascinating.





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