When my kids were tiny, I spend a lot of time at the Maze branch of our local library. It is not a big library, but it was perfect for me to walk to from our little, often claustrophobic, rental house, with my newborn and a toddler.

We had a trustees meeting there a few months ago, and it was the first time I’d been there in years; I’m closer to the main library now, and it has more of what I need these days. But I’ll always cherish what Maze library provided when I needed it. Peace and stories, community and a breath of sanity.

I ran for office in 2017 out of frustration and anger, because I had seen my country stolen by moneyed interests eagerly swallowing down hateful rhetoric. I can’t regret those motivations entirely, because that frustration and anger fueled me through an intense campaign season.

But it turns out that running for office and governing are two very different things. When I walk into a library board meeting now, to serve as trustee, I am often overwhelmed by what has been entrusted to me and the other trustees. These walls, this cherished, sacred space.

From our library’s mission statement: our libraries work to empower every voice in our community, to share information, services, and opportunities, and to support literacy, education, diversity, inclusion, equity, health, safety, and affordability.

Recommitting to this service in the new year, along with all of my own personal and familial goals — in 2018, I hope to be an excellent public servant, thoughtful and thorough, careful and considerate. Worthy of your trust.

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