The strategic planning session at the library was fascinating, and focused in large part on the Harwood method for community knowledge and engagement, which our library has bought into pretty whole-heartedly; it has transformed their planning and practice over the last few years. I like it. I am tempted to seek out a three-day training in it for myself.

This pic of a set of questions seems like terrific guidance for anyone involved in politics, or other kinds of community stewardship positions. I think I’m doing okay at these three things so far. But there’s always room for improvement…


“Authority: could I stand on a table and talk to people about their community, their aspirations and concerns, and would they believe me?

Authenticity: do I reflect the reality of people’s lives and do they believe I have their best interests at heart, even when we disagree?

Accountability: am I living up to the pledges and promises I’ve made?”

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