Added to garden…

Monarda fistulosa (native), cardinal flower (native, attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies), more astilbes for the shady spots, four different Siberian irises for the backyard, some snow-in-summer ground cover, white anemones, creeping phlox, bunchberry (dogwood-like ground cover), pink and white echinacea (native), white liatris (native), and a viburnum with blue berries (dentatum).

Lots of white blooms — I find them refreshing, esp. in the heat of summer, and up until now, mostly the white in my garden was just from the hydrangeas. Also more ground covers, which my garden has been somewhat lacking in — I should’ve put lots more in at the beginning, but oh well. This was the big planting for this year — very satisfying to get them all in the ground. Now grow, little plants. Grow!

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