My library board campaign has reached its goal of raising $5000, and I am just so grateful and pleased and honestly, a little stunned. I don’t really know what to say except thank you. I’m about to sign the form and send it in for Friends of Mary Anne Mohanraj to become an official PAC (a requirement at this stage), and if we don’t spend all the money for this run, it’ll be held safely in trust for the next one. I kind of think there’s going to be a next one. If you donate at this point, odds are, it will go towards convincing me (and others) that I would be a viable candidate for higher office in a few years. But we’ll leave the fundraising for another day. For now, thank you, thank you.

thank you to the progressive women
who were my main initial impetus for running
thank you to old friends (and old boyfriends)
who still like me, it seems
thank you to my neighbors (one of whom
donated because she likes my garden,
and another, because she likes my kitchen)
thank you to minor celebrities
who lent their name and gave money
(Gaiman and Martin carry weight, it turns out)
thank you to the ones who gave anonymously
too, and thank you to Facebook which extended
my reach to all of you lovely people who have
for whatever reason, listened to me ramble
and found something there worth supporting

most of all, thank you to Kevin and my children,
who have not give me a penny, but
have given up a little of my time and attention.

i hope you’ll all think it worth it
in the end.

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