I think I’ve been busier in the last four months, especially the last few weeks, than I have been at any other point in my life, including while I was studying for my exams. The pace of trying to fit campaigning in with the rest of my life is just relentless. It’s certainly tiring — Saturday evening and Sunday morning were unscheduled, and I desperately needed that time to just collapse and veg out. But campaigning is also, surprisingly, super fun. I’m meeting so many cool and interesting people, and learning so much about how the library and the village and the taxes and the infrastructure all work, trying to make those mesh with people’s needs and the budget, always the budget. I feel a little buzzed, a lot of the time, the way I did in grad school when I was trying to wrap my head around Derrida. High on intense thought.

And somehow, the rest of life gets squeezed in, with a Wild Cards deadline of midnight which means I had better try to get some kind of proposal in to George before then if I have a hope of being in the British book, but first I have to cook the shrimp I took out of the freezer to thaw several hours ago — I meant to make them for dinner, but grabbed those twenty minutes to watch Modern Family with Kevin instead, because sometimes he is more important than food. But now I am hungry, and the shrimp must be cooked. I am going to just toss them in with the contents of a can of Maesri Thai curry paste because those are my salvation when I am too tired to chop onions. Too tired to chop onions! My mother would be appalled.


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