On a dreary day of national news, it is remarkably heartening to go to the post office and pick up campaign donation checks. The nicest thing about checks (as opposed to convenient online donations) is that most people sending them have included little notes or cards with them, which I hope they’ll forgive me from quoting from:

“If I’m not mistaken, you were a student messenger taking drafts from one location to another when I was at U Chicago…” (I was! 25 years ago!)

“There are few happinesses since Nov 8, and one of them is all the women now running for office. I’m hoping that we fill the governmental bodies to look more like America, the vision of America I was taught to revere: all colors, genders, ages, abilities. Here’s to your success!”

and simply…

“We are very happy you are doing this.”

All of which reminds me of my favorite chant from the women’s march:

Tell me what democracy looks like!
THIS is what democracy looks like!

Seriously, thanks, folks. I needed that today.


Campaign donation info here.

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