Wednesday night, I went to the Democracy for America rebooting meeting. This org started as Dean for America, and after Obama won, they mostly went defunct for several years. But they’re back now, and there was a lot more interest than they anticipated — about 60 people, instead of the 6 they expected.

The leader, Eric (sorry, didn’t catch his last name), spent most of the time asking people why they’d come, what they were interested in working on. A wide range of topics came up, including the income inequality issues that were originally at the center of this group. They’re going to have a steering committee meeting in two weeks (which anyone is welcome to, if they want to be organizers for it), and then another open meeting two weeks after that.

Their tentative plan is to do a combination of political work, supporting and training candidates, with immediate issue-based actions. My impression is that right now, whomever shows up and pushes can probably to some extent guide what this group becomes. I think Oak Park Progressive Women is a little bit more in line with what I, personally, want to do, but I may go to the DFA’s next meeting too.

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