Folks, I’m honored to see that we’re just about to top $1000 in donations — in just seven days since the campaign was created, that’s pretty amazing. (We’re at $988 — so close!)

That’s enough to pay for the pizza for my volunteers at two campaign meetings, the two runs of buttons we’ve made, and a host of other small expenses, from opening a P.O. Box to buying clipboards for the volunteers and poster board and markers for signs, to paying my photographer and graphic designer for their beautiful work. The next $1000 will go towards ordering paper goods — bookmarks and palm cards, to give potential voters a little more information about me and the campaign

​If you’re willing, we would really appreciate it if you’d spread the word about the campaign to your friends and family, through Facebook, Twitter, etc. That’s one of the most effective ways to build support, and we’d love your help with that. If we can raise that next $1000 in another week, I should be able to pay for bookmarks and palm cards in good time, so I have them on hand for the upcoming candidate forums hosted by the League of Women Voters. Onwards!

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