Shout out to Kevin. When I talked to him last night about how I might possible want to run for office at some point, he was entirely supportive. I was honestly a bit surprised, because it’s potentially asking a lot of him in terms of additional childcare, housework, etc. His only concern was that he wouldn’t enjoy being much more in the public eye himself, but that’d be unlikely unless I got up to something on the national stage, like state rep. School board or alderman or anything along those lines shouldn’t involve a lot more publicity for him. Anyway, just feeling grateful for him.
We also talked about the fact that a lot of the work I do, like the Survivor anthology, and the Invisible anthology, make us basically no money and eat a lot of my time, all of which has consequences for our household. This new workshop Kate and I are planning to run next summer — we’re charging something for our time in teaching and setting it up, but not anything close to a reasonable market rate, this first time around. But as I long as I think these projects are worthwhile for the community, he’s willing to back me. And of course, he’s been supporting my writing for decades.
I found a good one. 🙂


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